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Java Concepts


Java Concepts

What is Jva Exactly ?

Java is a platform independent multithreaded object oriented programming language and also it is a  platform and technology .

i-Java is a programming language because it provides its own syntaxes and semantics for developing new programs

ii-Java is a platform , because it provides its own execution environment called JVM .Java program is not executed directly by os , it is executed by jvm .

iii-Java is a technology because it provides ready mode or predefined rich set of API for fast and easy development .

noter- c and c++ are only languages they are not platform and also not technology because c and c+++ has provided only syntaxes and semantics to develop new program , but it doesn't provide execution environment and huge set of readymade library , so it is not platform and technology .

Java has concepts for developing desktop , web and mobile  and electronic device based applications . so java is called technology .

for easily maintaining and downloading , java concept are devided into three editions .

java editions

java has 4 platforms they are

1-Java SE-For the standalone application development .

2-Java EE - For Internet and Enterprises 

3-Java ME -For Mobile application development

4-Javafx - For RIA(rich internet application)


Java se stands for java platform standard edition .it provides concepts for developing desktop (standalone)
CUI and GUI application , applets , database interaction application , distributed application and xml parsing apps .

2-Java EE

Java EE Stands for java platform enterprises edition it provides concepts for developing web and enterprises application and interoperable application

3-Java ME

Java ME Stands for java platform micro edition it provides concepts for developing mobile and electronics device level application the edition is called micro because  this edition  programs are embedded in small chips and inserted in chip only program embedded in chip is called micro (small) .

4-Java Fx

-Java fx stands for java platform effects .it provide concepts for developing rich internet applications with more graphics and animations . javafx is an extension to swing applications of  JAVA SE .

NOTE-Because javafx is an extension concept to java se swing applications . javafx API is included as part of java SE software . just by installing java SE we will also get javaFx API .

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