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Java programming concepts


Java programming concepts

Softwares required to develop java program

basic java programming element

essential statements of java program

steps to develop java program

Hello.world app development

compilation and execution procedure

comiple time error and run time error

some more example

interview and ocjp questions

To develop compile and execute a java program we need three softwares to be installed in our system

i-Editor Software
2-JDK Softawre
3-Command Prompt Software

We Need edition software for developing java programs we can use any editor software like notepad, notepad++ , editplus , IDE Software  ,eclipse , my   eclipse , netbeans ,intellij ,jbuilder etc

JDK is used for getting compiler and  JVM softwares into our system to compile and execute java programs .

note-just by installing JDK we can not compile and execute java programs we must run javac and java commands from cmd prompt window

cmd prompt window is required for compiling and executing jav programs by running javac and java command s .

Basic Java programming elements

java support 10 basic programming elements


All  above programming element are organised as group as shown below .

note-constructor and block are allowed only inside a class and enum.

java supports all above  10 programming concepts by using java language ..

according to oo programing we must develop all programs around objects.

an object is a real world thing that you can see and use.

example-person,animal,vehicle,mobile,bank a/c , etc are objects .

developing a program around an object means we must create a program.
to  represent a particular object ( ex-person )
by storing that object values (example0 name ,height )
by implementing its operation (example-sleep.eat ) by using class , variable  and methods respectively .

class is meant for representing object .variable is meant for representing value .method is meant for representing operation .

hence by using java language above programming elements we must bring real world objects into programming world to perform their operations by using computer .

As per above diagram we can concluded that

we must create multiple classes as many different type of objects as we want to create .

in each class we must create multiple variable based on the multiple values of this  object we want to store .

also inside class we  must create multiple methods based on the multiple operations .
 for example as per above diagram we must create 7 classes with the required number of variables and classes .

below table will explain all programming elements and their purpose .


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