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oops question


 oops, concept based on objects, which can contain data and codes .data in the form of filed and code in the form of procedure. oops concept has so many features like 

Data hiding -in data hiding our internal data should not go out directly that is outside person cant access our internal data directly.

by using a private modifier we can implement data hiding.

Abstraction-hide internal implementation and just highlight some set of services is called abstraction. by using abstract class and interface we can implement abstraction.

The main advantage of abstraction are -we can achieve security as we are highlighting our internal implementation.

it provides more flexibility to the end-user to use the system very easily.it improves the maintainability of the application.

Encapsulation -Binding set of data and its corresponding methods as a single unit is called encapsulation.if a java class follows abstraction and data hiding such type of class is called an encapsulation class.

if we are using encapsulation then we can achieve security level, the enhancement will be easy .it improves maintainability and it provides security level.

Tightly encapsulation -a class is said to be a tightly encapsulated class if and only if every variable of that class is private.

is a relationship -it also known as inheritance , by using the extends keyword we are implementing is a relationship. the main advantage of is a relationship is reusability.

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